Saturday, 31 December 2011


Helloooooo readers! I just woke up from my sleep. Slept from 4 pm till 11 pm and yet i still feel a bit sleepy. Why is that so eh? Haha anyway i've got nothing else better to do than working right now but why am i on blogger again? -_____________-"
Today was tiring. Not so tiring except for the part i didnt get my sleep. It was raining like mad but not as mad as i was. I was so pissed but im alright now i guess. Im not gonna let it slip away just like that for this time. Not this time.  It was okay la but i feel release a bit in a way. Yeah, you know what it feels when youre keeping things to yourself and feel like to throw it out, feel like to scream but no one would hear it. Yes, thats what i feel. Nothing much today, i went back and sleep after that.

Oh btw before i forgot, i can see that people nowadays tend to live in denial. I met numerous people along my way, different people, different personality. But i understand we are in our teenage life. And teenagers are often confused, still trying to find their personality, originality. So we are often live in denial no? So guess what, we both know who lives in denial and whos not. Get real okay :)

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