Tuesday, 8 November 2011


 Actually spm kan is really really close. It is just few days to go and I dont think tht i am well prepare. Time is running out mann! Everyday i keep on wasting my time. I've been lazy to study lately. Setan byk a sekarang neh haha. Adoi, got so many things to catch up. Haish just pray for me to do well on ths upcoming exam. THE BIG EXAM of my life. Last day there was a taklimat bout upu something. I'm started to think, how is it my life gonna be after school? Kalau dapat sambung belajar jauh jauh mesti tak best hisy -,- dahla takda kawan especially my bff  Nazrin ,yg selalu buat aku gelak is latifi. 3rd, yg paling GAY is Azraai. Haha I'm gonna be all alone there and all my friends will follow their own path. Yeah, that is wht we call life aite? So chill out and just focus on your own life or you might get regret later. Too bad, aku sendiri pun takboleh nk focuson my own life, nk cakap org pulak kan haha adoi =,= life aku pun macam terumbang ambing je sekarang ni aiyoo. And my room was super messy now! Got to tidy em' up but i don't know when. Dari haritu nk kemas, tp kemas sikit then sepah balik agagaga -_-' could someone help me to clean up all the mess? maid ? ayah aku tak mampu kalau nak upah maid. Haha .

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